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Our Conventions

Each year the EAC hosts the EAC Convention, a chance to gather, meet, great and engage with others in the Airshow community. The convention moves each year to a new nation, although often will return to the spiritual home of Belgium.

The convention is aimed at all those involved in the Airshow industry, whether you are a performer, organiser, sponsor, commentator, Flying Display Director or anything else. It's a chance not only to promote your business and work, but the key emphasis is on learning, developing and innovating our industry, to ensure its future and of course continuing our goals of advancing safety and excellence.

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Who attends the Convention?

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The EAC Convention is open to anyone involved in the airshow industry, whether your a pilot or organiser, involved with aviation safety or provide services to events, such as logistics and infrastructure. We welcome both civilian and military delegates, all who have a key role in delivering airshows and display flying across the continent and beyond.  We regularly welcome delegates from across the globe, from small single person operations to major national display teams and everyone in between. The success of the convention is largely based on the broad mix of delegates, each bringing different views and experiences to the meeting each year. We have a rich and diverse industry within the European Airshow world and a long heritage to be proud of. 

Key Elements of the Convention

Our Conventions are held over 3 days and feature a mix of specialist side seminars, general briefings and presentations from speakers joining us from across the globe.


specialist meetings looking at key issues and training

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An important element of the Convention is improving specialist knowledge. Each year we offer a range of specialist side seminars for Pilots, Organisers and Safety personnel. These range from Marketing, Fast Jet Safety, Formation Safety, Emergency Planning and Flying Display Directors Seminars. Each aimed to promote best practice within smaller groups to improve learning and knowledge.

Gala Dinner

Celebrating, Dining and Networking

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The annual Airshow Dinner is a highlight of the Convention. It's a chance to share a meal in the company of friends and colleagues old and new, in a relaxed and convivial setting. Whether its just to catch up or to continue networking during the evening, the Dinner is the perfect end to the first day of the Convention. It's also our chance to present awards to the years recipients!


from around the globe on relevant topics from the industry.


Each year we host a number of speakers from across the globe, focussing their presentations on key topics, often suggested by the delegates, which look at issues and safety that currently affects the airshow industry. Innovation and sustainability are also key elements within our conventions, with presentations designed to promote best practice for now and the future.

Annual Awards

recognising our community


As an industry and community it is important that we recognise and celebrate the work of individuals and organisations. Each year during the Airshow Dinner, we take time to make awards to those who have made a significant short term or long term contribution, innovation or special achievement within the Airshow Industry in Europe. Its our chance to say thank you and well done. 


as important as anything else at the convention! Meet, Greet and Engage.

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As with all business related activities Networking is a huge part of our business. Whether your looking for new contacts, meeting existing ones or simply looking to improve and expand your business network, the convention provides many opportunities, in a warm and friendly environment.  Our programme is designed to provide several opportunities to speak to as many delegates as your can.


Mix Business and Pleasure


Where ever possible we try to ensure there is something on offer for partners and friends should they wish to attend the Convention and make an extended break for the visit. Often he conventions are held in some of the most scenic cities, full of culture, history and learning, giving an extra dimension to the Convention. We aim to add partner programmes each year.

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Specialist Safety Seminars

Each year we hold bespoke safety seminars and workshops focussing on key areas for specific sectors of the airshow community.


Recent Conventions

A quick sample of our recent conventions held across the European Continent and attended by representatives

from over 35 different nations.  If you were there, you may even find a picture or two of yourself in the gallery!


2015 - Antwerp


2017 - Malta

Main Convention 2019.jpg

2019- Athens

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2021 - Digital


2016 - Malta


2018 - Antwerp


2020 - Brussels


2023 - Brussels

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