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Flying Display Directors (or Depending on where you are from 'Air Boss, Ring Master, Display Officer, Flight Director) are charged with the safe conduct and regulatory compliance of Flying Display's across the Globe.  They are often solely responsible for all aspects or the flying display organisation, the liaison between regulators, emergency services and display crews, as well as many others. 

It's a vitally important role and even more important is to get the job right 100% of the time. FDD's often work in isolation or as part of a small team with their Flying Control Committee or Safety Teams, so to discuss and share practices is key. The aim of this seminar is to learn from each others experiences, discuss emergent topics, safety standards and new technologies, enabling planning, policies and working practices to develop, within a common best practice environment. 

One of the great elements of the seminar is the diverse mix of participants, from across the globe, civil and military worlds.  What is even better is the experience level in the seminar, whether a brand new FDD, being appointed for the first time, through to some of the most experienced FDD's in the world. The seminar allows great networking opportunities and experiences to be gained, making our airshows safer, more entertaining and innovative.

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