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Formation flying is an art, skill and discipline even before you take it in front an audience during a flying display.  Formation Flying Displays capture the publics attention, whether a civilian or military team, full time or part time or just an ad-hoc collection of aircraft that you may not see flying side by side normally.

There are lots of safety procedures, operating procedures, manoeuvres and emergency drills, some that are common and others that are not. Sharing skills, procedures and methodology, training regimes and emergency drills is hugely important, particularly for those teams flying at low level in multi aircraft formations in front of the public, even more so when you throw in aerobatics. 


The Formation Display Safety Workshop is a new initiative to bring together both military and civil teams, to share experience and knowledge, with a view to working towards a basic standardised set of SOP's for display formation flying. In the process the key to the seminar is learning, networking and understanding others operations, helping to develop safety and of course ensuring the future of Formation Flying for the enjoyment of millions of airshow goers each year. 

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