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The European Airshow Council is a representative body for the wider European Airshow Industry. We are pleased to be able to help to provide a voice not only for our members, but also for those airshows, Display Teams and other organisations who are involved in the industry.

We are pleased to be able to provide information and guidance for media outlets and are happy to assist in your reporting and projects, whether through comment, information or signposting you to others that may be able to help you further.  We will not comment on the specifics of incidents or individuals where there may be an ongoing investigation. 

For Media Enquiries please e-mail:


* Flags denote nation of origin of information

Airshows: Honouring the Past, Inspiring the Future Video.

Created by Chris Janssens for the EAC and International Sanicole Airshow


A short Promotional Leaflet about the European Airshow Council


Future of Airshows Post COVID 19

Created by Paul Johnson of FlightLineUK. Survey of over 5,000 respondents on their thoughts on airshows following Covid 19 Pandemic. 

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