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2018 Convention

Radisson Blu, Antwerp, Belgium

2018 saw a return to Belgium for the 2018 edition of the convention, amidst heavy snows, a contrast to the warm sun of Malta the year before. With a greater focus around event organisation, marketing than ever before, we welcomed experts from the USA looking at specifics of ticket sales and promotions, as well as some more traditional topics of safety, development and good news stories from across the world. 

The Hayward Aviation also featured our first indoor airshow as we welcomed the talented Brothers Chaix to provide some airborne entertainment with their unique indoor routine. It was also pleasing to welcome our Military colleagues from the International Military Air Shows Council, who held one of their annual meetings with us to discuss military tasking and participation in the year ahead. 

Thursday 1st March

1300 - Media and Marketing Seminar with Eugene Lloj

         - Fast Jet Solo Display Pilots Safety Workshop

1400 - EAC Board Meeting

1900 -  Official Opening and Drinks Reception

Friday 2nd March 

0900 - Official Welcome and Convention Briefing

0930 - 2017 Airshow Accident Review

1000 -  Airbus Airshow Apps

1030 -  COFFEE BREAK  

1100 -  Web Marketing

1140 - Ticketing Solutions

1210 - Air to Air Photography

1230 - LUNCH

1345 - Planning For Emergencies 

1415 - Anatomy of Airshow Accidents

1455 - Displaying the Typhoon 


1555 - Sea Plane Shows and Flying Boats Focus

             French Approach

             Swiss Approach

             Operating the Catalina

1655 - Physical and Cyber Threats to Airshows

1725 - Closing and Dinner Arrangements 

1900 - Hayward Aviation Airshow Dinner

Saturday 3rd March 

0900 - Day 2 Opening

0905 - Freres Chaix - The Journey

0920 - Wing Walking to Air Races

0950 - Airfield Animations


1100 - Financial Challenges

1130 - MiG 15 Restoration

1150 - Airshows Documentary

1210 - International Air Show Safety Team

1220 - Official Closing of the 2018 Convention

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