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The Fast Jet Display Pilot Safety Workshop was the idea of Manolis Karahalios, one of the EAC Board Members, following his experiences as the Hellenic Air Force's F16 Display Pilot. It is a unique multi national meeting gathering those charged with demonstrating their nations military frontline fast jet aircraft, the only one of its kind in the world. 

Originally set up solely for the F-16 'Viper' community, as the type was the most common in the European Theatre at the time, the value of the meeting was soon recognised and expanded to include all nations who display fast jets and further expanded in 2019 to those displaying Turbo-Prop aircraft also. 

The meeting is open to any current Fast Jet Military display pilots, with the purpose of sharing their experiences in the display arena, developing safety standards both in displays and display training and prompting discussion around the key issues affecting them in their role. Human Factors and Technology feature heavily in the meeting as a recurrent theme each year.  

Perhaps almost as important as the discussion and learning, it provides opportunity for the pilots entering the display circuit to meet their peer, before the season ahead and build both professional and personal relations.  Furthermore joining the convention allows a wider exposure to the European Airshow community, ensuring the pilots and organisers have the chance to meet each other in person before the season and begin planning well ahead of time. 

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