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The European Airshow Council was formed in 2000 as an informal gathering of like minded individuals from within the European Airshow Community. As the organisation progressed the links and aims of the organisation have grown, with a formal Council and membership, to represent the wider continental European Air Display Industry. 

The overall aim of the EAC is 'To Promote Excellence and Safety in Airshows", and is held at the very core of all we do and is the focal point of our Code of Ethics.

The heart of the organisation truly are the people it represents. Airshows are truly about people, from the visitor to each and every single person making an airshow happen, either on the ground or in the air.  Each one of those has a story to tell, learning and knowledge to share and important views and ideas on how we can all improve what we do. 

 “Whenever an accident happens, we (organizers and performers) have had no spokesmen and no forum to defend us or to analyse the situation in an objective way; As a result, a situation can arise when a would-be spokesman, who generally does not know what Airshows are about, will give misleading information to the Media. Don’t we all try to reach high levels of quality in what we do? Aren’t we all afraid that a mistake by one of us could be the end of Airshows?


Reducing the risks to zero is, of course, one of the objectives of our professional approach to organising and performing at Airshows, but a zero level of risk is probably not realistic. It is important to understand that an accident should not stop all our efforts to entertain a public that is very interested in aviation.”

“We therefore suggest that we, organisers and performers, all have to work together on an international scale with our national military and civil authorities, because we are all in the same boat. How this is organised, with which budget, with which people, with which objectives, are still some of the questions of today”.

To make all efforts to ensure the airshow

industry is ecologically sustainable and promote the values and best practice

in sustainability

EAC Code of Ethics

To dedicate our efforts to achieving excellence in all aspects of the air show industry based on the recognition that air shows provide a significant form of global public entertainment;

To observe the highest standards of safety for public and participants alike;

To enforce all professional rules of conduct;

To apply all applicable laws and regulations;

To conduct all activities with the highest commitment to honesty and objectivity;

To provide clear and accurate information to all;

To promote the continuous improvement of professional air show standards through education and training;

To make all efforts to ensure the airshow

industry is ecologically sustainable and promote the values and best practice

in sustainability


'Promoting Excellence and Safety in Airshows'

The concept of creating a representative body for the European Continent's airshow industry came about in the late 90's and was the idea of our current Chairman Gilbert Buekenberghs.  He made contact with several key individuals within different nations to create the organisation that we now know as the European Airshow Council.  Having looked across the Atlantic to understand the benefits of such a representative body work began around forming an organisation, to Promote Excellence and Safety in Airshows across the many nations of the European Continent. 

In 2000 the very first and very small meeting of the European Airshow Council took place in Malta with around 20 delegates, drawn from Event Organisers and Pilots. The new board of the EAC adopted the Code of Ethics from ICAS and now shared between the two organisations, with a similar vision and aim. During the 2000's the organisation grew and adopted Belgium as it's spiritual home, with many annual Conventions taking place in the Country.  Since news spread of the work and the new organisation, participation and interaction increased with participation since it's formation from 36 nations, from as far afield as New Zealand to North America.

The EAC was never intended to be a regulator and never has been, but during its time has become a focal point and provider of advice, guidance and best practice, given its rich base of professional contacts within the airshow community. This has included providing advice to EASA and National Aviation Authorities in support of continuing the development and growth in Airshows and Safety.

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The Original EAC logo designed to represent the best of airshows, the star representing Excellence with the neutral colour of Purple as to demonstrate its independence as a continental representative organisation and not political as bound by the European Union

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