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2021 Convention

Spread Across the Globe!

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Under the full grips of the C19 Pandemic the 2021 convention changed format and delivery to a Virtual event.  It was no less popular, in fact perhaps more so, with 145 direct guests, with many of our regular delegates attending, mixed with new faces and many returning delegates that we have not seen for a number of years.

Thursday saw large plenary meetings aimed at the 3 main sectors of those within in the industry with hosted, structured discussion workshops, aimed to garner the general feeling within the industry. Discussions focussed around the effects of the C19 pandemic, both negative and positive, before moving onto the impacts for 2021, Future of Airshows and the EAC.  Thursday also saw a meeting between National Aviation Authorities in a separate forum, which will be developed moving into the future to help better engage with those responsible for making the rules regarding airshows.  We were also pleased to welcome the representatives from IMASC, discussing again the military tasking of assets to airshows within the European Continent. 

Following on from the Workshop sessions 3 presentations from the recent ICAS Virtual Convention were also available: 

  1. Des Barker's presentation on the Anatomy of Airshow Accidents.

  2. A panel session on the value of Airshows to recruiting into both the civil and military aerospace industry.

  3.  A panel discussion on soliciting sponsor support in the post C19 environment.

Whilst many of the traditional aspects of the convention had to be forgotten for 2021, the Exhibition area was not one of them. A number of virtual booths were created by delegates and sponsors as an additional interest area for those attending the convention, allowing the normal networking to take place, albeit through a chat function. 

The second day consisted of a more familiar format with Presentations focussed around a number of pertinent topics to the current situation, as well as keeping a watchful eye on the future:


  • Opening by EAC Exec - Charles Skiera

  • Welcome Address and Leadership- Gilbert Beukenberghs, EAC Chairman

  • Virtual Airshows, Lessons Learned - Iain Campbell, PlanesTV

  • NATO Days - Digital Impact Study - Jagello 2000

  • Keeping Safety Standards High - Jacques Bothelin, Apache Aviation /EAC

  • Working for Government Support to Events - George Bacon, BADA

  • Feedback from Plenary Sessions of Thursday - Seminar Leaders (10 mins each)

  • Keeping your Public, Team and others informed- Helen Webb, RIAT

  • North American Industry Impact- John Cudahy, President ICAS.

  • Closing Address - EAC Chairman


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2021 Technical Partners

The video is a brief overview of the 2021 EAC Digital convention created by our chosen Technical Partner, The Podimatas Group, of Athens Greece. The team provided excellent service, quality and ease of production in their online platform, support and service to the European Airshow Council. The Podimatas Group are also well founded in the airshow world being responsible for the internationally renound 'Athens Flying Week', held each year in September at Tanagra Air Force Base. 

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