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Open for all in the Airshow Industry

The EAC is open to anyone within the Airshow World, whether on the European Continent or further afield.  The EAC has benefitted from representation from New Zealand to the USA and everywhere in between. 

We are unable to offer 'membership' in it's traditional sense due to the way the EAC is legally constructed, but it  is hugely important to the EAC to provide a multinational voice to represent the airshow industry with governments and authorities, as well as the public. Whilst the Airshow Industry is a small community of individual's and businesses, the contribution it makes to the wider events industry should not be understated. 

Website Member Benefits

We are able to offer website membership, with benefits for members who join and subscribe to the website, which will provide similar benefits to a traditional membership format. 

The European Airshow Council is always looking to change, develop and continue its commitment to Safety and Excellence in Airshows, this also includes how it operates and what we offer. We are changing the way we operate to ensure our members become more involved and shape the organisation into something that provides the support and resources its members need and want. We are pleased to be able to offer the following website member benefits, which we look to expand as we move and grow in the future. 

Web Member Benefits

  • Regular Newsletters and information on current topics within the European Airshow Industry

  • Access to all Convention Presentations for the current and previous years.

  • Free listing within the EAC Airshow Guide (Produced Annually)

  • Access to the EAC Airshow Manual with regular updates and information. (Document used by EGAST & EASA for airshows)

  • Discounted Annual Convention Fees

  • Online Member Profile and Blog Function.

  • Ability to share information and documents with the membership.

EAC Manual V5.1 Introduction.png

One of the Member benefits is access to the EAC Airshow Manual, the best practice guidance book of planning airshows, from the ground up. This living document is constantly updated to ensure its both current and relevant. Click on the image for an introduction to the Airshow Manual. The guide has been used and referenced by EASA and the European General Aviation Safety Team as the definitive guide to airshows.

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