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2016 Convention

DB Seabank Resort, Melhia Bay, Malta

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The 2016 Convention ventured into the Mediterainan to the beautiful Islands of Malta, where the very first EAC Convention was held and the birthplace of the EAC.  A varied programme with speakers from across the Globe and a focus on the similarities and differences between the world of Air Racing and Airshows.  Human Factors was as ever an important aspect of the convention and we welcomed Dr David 'Doc' Stevenson back for another excellent session.

Our thanks to the Malta Aviation Society for their support in hosting the event and excellent support. 

Thursday 3rd March 2016

· Fast Jet Display Pilots Seminar (invitation only)

· Flying Display Directors Seminar (pre book only)

· 1900—Official opening and Drinks Reception with Buffet


Friday 4 th March 2016

· Official Welcome and Introductions of Delegates

· Official  Welcome from the EAC Chairman

· UK CAA Safety Review -  Tony Rapson

· UK CAA Safety Review Challenge Panel- John Turner

· Legal Considerations- Tim Scorer

· Insurance Aspects-  Nigel Foster

· SoloTurk, Displaying the F16- SoloTurk

· International Relationships- Zbynek Pavlacik

· Fatigue and its effects-  Dr David ‘Doc’ Stevenson

· European Airshow Photography Awards- Stefan Goosens

· Flying in Europe from a US Perspective- Melissa Pemberton

· Breitling Jet Team US Tour- Jacques Bothelin

· RNAS Yeovilton Air Day– Audrey Huelin and Cdr Henry Mitchell RN

· Question and Answer Session

· Day 1 Debrief and Dining arrangements

· Hayward Aviation Airshow Dinner

·  Presentation of EAC Awards

·           PR Competition Awards

·           Breitling Airshow Prize Draw


Saturday 5th March 2016

· AirPower16, Zeltweg - Colonel Gerri Doblehammer

· Air Racing, The ARC -  Nuno Molarinho

· Air Racing, Air Race1 -  Jeff Zaltman

· EASA Update -  James Black

· Media Crisis Management-  Michelle Roberts

· Crisis Management– Frederic Akary

· EAC 2017

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