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Stormy & Smoky Skies Ahead - Krila Oluje return in the 2021 Season.

In Zemunik, the acro group Krila Oluje presented the flight program for the 2021 seasonPhoto: HRZ / I. Dundović

The Croatian Air Force display team Wings of Storm (Krila Oluje) will display with a four-ship team during the 2021 season.

The display lasts 14 minutes and contains 12 manoeuvres. Two new pilots have joined the team, Major Nino Perović on the left wing and Lieutenant Krešimir Oštrić as right wing. The team leader remains captain Darko belancic and the slot pilot is major Ivan Andic.

The team is looking forward to displaying its new programme, which now also includes smoke, in Croatia and abroad.

Photo: HRZ / I. Dundović

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