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Research Project - Can You Help?

EAC Board Member and former F16 Demonstration Pilot of the Helenic Air Force, Manolis Karahalios, is currently undertaking a PhD in the area of Display Flying Safety. As part of his ongoing work to complete his Dissertation, he is asking for support from the Display Pilot and FDD (Air Boss) community to provide Data, by completing a short survey (less than 5 minutes) to add Data from industry professionals.

The Survey, entitled ‘An Evaluation Of The Relationships Between Resilient Safety Culture, Safety Risk Parameters, And Mindfulness In The International Air Show Community’, can be found at the link below:

Manolis has an extended aviation experience in Military and Civilian training of more than 20 years. His passion for mentoring the new generations of aviators keeps him inspired and he feels the responsibility of transferring his experience to the beginners in flying.

After his 3 display seasons as a Demo Pilot in the Hellenic AF F-16 Demo Team “ZEUS”, Manolis joined the Board of the European Airshow Council, with the aim to promote safety and professionalism in the Air Shows. Since joining the EAC Board he created the Fast Jet Solo Display Pilot Safety Workshop, brining together an international cast of Military Display pilots each year, to share experiences, methods and best practice in Military Display Flying. Manolis is also a Member of the Athens Flying Week Airshow’s Organising Committee, acting as the Flying Display Director.

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