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Red Bull Flying Bulls T-28 Trojan

It is with great sadness, that we have learned of the loss of the Flying Bulls pilot Rainer Steinberger, following the crash of the teams T28 Trojan in the Czech Republic.

We share the hollow feeling of loss with our friends and partners in the Flying Bulls and extend our deepest sympathies and caring thoughts for the team, friends, families and all those who knew Rainer. We also send our best wishes for the recovery of the passenger involved in the accident who remains in hospital.

The team confirmed the loss of Rainer on their Facebook page stating:

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of our pilot Rainer Steinberger (54 years old) who crashed over the Czech village of Zvíkovské Podhrad í (Sunday, June 20.). Rainer steered our T-28 Trojan on the way home from the airshow in Leszno (Poland) to Salzburg. Rainer was a very respected and experienced pilot and a good friend of all of us.

A passenger was injured in the accident and he was taken to a hospital. We wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

We are very shocked and sad about this tragedy. Our thoughts are with Rainer family and friends.

The Trojan had been performing at the Leszno Airshow in Poland and following a successful airshow, was returning to the teams base in Salzberg, Austria. Whilst transiting over the Czech Republic, the aircraft crashed near to Jickovice in the west of the country. The cause of the accident remains under investigation and the authorities will report in due course.

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1 Comment

Manolis Karachalios
Manolis Karachalios
Oct 09, 2021

Sad news. RIP.

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