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Flying Into the History Books

2021 will mark a major technology change in training for the Polish Air Force, with the Arrival of the Leonardo M346 jet trainers, sadly leaving the classic TS-11 Iskra's, without a role in the modern training environment.

The type's retirement from the Polish military, will sadly see the end of the Team Iskry, with their recognisable shapes, colours and sounds. The team have performed across Europe since they were formed in 1969, with 7 aircraft, albeit in recent years their legs have not been stretched too far from Poland, with Team Orlik flying the PZL-130 Orlik Turboprop picking up the mantle.

The team will complete a limited number of displays in 2021, their final being on the 15th August 2021 during Poland's Army Day celebrations. Poland has been one of the few nations to field 2 large formation teams to represent the country at national and international events, we can only hope that we may see a new team of the M-346's in the future.

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