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AirshowFinland - New Organisation being formed.

Image Copyright of the Finnish Air Force

The Finnish Airshow Community will come together this weekend for the first airshow seminar in Finland. The seminar will be in Finnish, and virtual , but hopefully in the future seminar will be annual event where people can meet each other.

This local seminar follows similar lines and objectives to the EAC and the organisers are EAC members. The idea is to bring all airshow people together like in annual EAC conference, but on local level in Finland. It is great honour to all in seminar in Finland that EAC Chairman Gilbert will open the seminar.

The seminar is intended for all persons and organizations interested in and participating in the flight demonstrations. The program includes speeches on the organization of the air show as well as appearances in them. workshop for the construction and development of display programs.

If you are interested in hearing how air shows are made or developing a Finnish air show culture, this is a great opportunity to participate in it. The program of the seminar will also feature international level air show organizers and performers, not to mention domestic experience. The presentations of the seminar are in Finnish, excluding international speakers.

The participation fee is only 10 €. For a fee, it is possible to follow the seminar remotely via the GoToWebinar link. The link will be provided to all registrants before the seminar.

Presentation materials will also be provided to those who have paid the participation fee after the seminar. Make sure you participate through the online store!

SATURDAY 20.3.2021

Time Topic - Performer

10.00 Opening of the seminar - Harri Kanto and Robert Obolgogiani

10.20 Greetings from the EAC - Gilbert Buekenberghs, President of the EAC

10.30 Flight show arrangements - Perttu Karivalo

11.00 Technology and support measures - Arto Tervonen

11.30 Screening through the eyes of authority - TBA, Traficom

12.00 Economy and environmental issues of the show - Antti Jouppi


13.30 Flight show regulations - Perttu Karivalo

14.00 For the first time as event director - Reino Myllymäki

14.30 Obtaining a Performance Permit (PDA) and Experiences- The performer will be confirmed later

15.00 Warbirds operation in shows / Texan -Petteri Tarma

15.30 Preparation of the solo performance - Peter Fällen, Swedish Air Force

16.00 Discussion and end of the day - Perttu Karivalo, Harri Kanto and Robert Obolgogiani

SUNDAY 21.3.2021

Time Topic - Performer 10.00 Opening of the day - Harri Kanto and Robert Obolgogiani 10.10 Promotion of the pilot - Perttu Karivalo 11.00 The Importance of Presentation in Performances - Riika Kaipainen 11.30 Choreography and artistry - Sami Saikkonen 12.00 Performance abroad - Jyri Mattila 12.30 LUNCH BREAK 13.30 Preparation of screenings - Workshop / discussion 14.30 Screening Training Camps - Robert Obolgogiani 15.00 The future of Finnish screening culture? - Workshop / discussion 15.30 Final summary of the seminar - Perttu Karivalo 16.00 Closing remarks of the seminar - Harri Kanto and Robert Obolgogiani

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