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3 More Major UK Seafront Airshows Cancel for 2021

Red Arrows over Blackpool Tower - Lancs Online

Within 48 hours of the UK Government issuing its latest guidance on the Roadmap out of the Coronavirus restrictions, Blackpool (7-8 Aug), Sunderland (23-25 Jul) and Southport (3-4 Jul) airshows have cancelled their 2021 events.

The events were all scheduled to take place, post the planned June 21st date, where Step 4 of the release of restrictions is scheduled. Whilst Step's 1-3 are clear, ambiguous lines on potential mitigations still being required has led to confusion and doubt for event viability, leading to the cancellation of 3 of the UK's major seaside events. A sea front event is more challenging to secure, ensure and assure than a closed site, where access and visitor numbers can be monitored and controlled.

It is a major blow to the UK airshow community and the many millions of fans across the country. However with remaining uncertainties over remaining Covid measures, plus the costs associated with the events, it is understandable the desire to protect each event for a return in 2022.

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