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SAAF Museum Airshow Cancelled for the second year.

Rooivalk Attack Helicopter at the SAAF Museum Airshow 2019 - Photo SAAF

The South African Air Force Museum's annual airshow, which raises funds to help support the museums operations and its extensive collection of aviation artefacts, has been grounded.

The museum HQ is located at the SAAF's oldest base, AFB Swartkop, which also hosts the show, in normal times during May each year. Confirmation of cancellation in the form of a message from the AFB Swartkop museum reads: “SAAF Museum would like to host its annual airshow as it allows the unit to generate much-needed funds that help to maintain the air force’s historic flight. The current national and global pandemic continues to frustrate all plans. To date, it is safe to say the 2021 instalment will not happen, at least not in May.”

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