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No RAF Tutor Display for 2021

The RAF Grob 115E Tutor Display, will not be venturing out this year due to a technical issue, which has seen the type grounded across the UK fleet. The Tutor, used until very recently as the Elementary trainer across the UK Military, provides a punchy display for an aircraft, you might not expect to see displaying.

The team took to social media with the following:

It is with much sadness that I must announce that there will be no RAF Tutor display this year. Due to ongoing technical issues with the Tutor aircraft it is not feasible to run a display this year. Hopefully we will see you all again in 2022!

The Tutor is now used to elements of flying training, largely with the RAF Air Cadets and University Air Squadrons, a number of ex-RAF examples are now operating as the Elementary training aircraft with the Finnish Air Force. Whilst it is not a fast jet or Turbo-Prop, the Tutor's display demonstrates the pilots skill and handling, but more importantly demonstrates to thousands of young people, what is open to them if they join the RAF Air Cadets or a University Air Squadron. It's also a display that can fit into some locations, where others cannot. We hope to see the Tutor fleet back in the air very soon and back on the Display circuit in 2022!

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