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Navy Wings Sea Fury - Forced Landing.

Sea Fury T.20 - Picture Credit GRANT EVANS/DANIEL SANDERS

The UK based Navy Wings charity operates a collection of former Royal Navy assets, including aircraft of the former Royal Navy Historic Flight. On the 28th April 2021, a Sea Fury T.20, belonging to Navy Wings made a forced landing near to the aircraft's home base of RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset.

Both crew members on board are believed to have been conducting training sortie following annual maintenance earlier this month, with the aircraft returning to Yeovilton late last week, with much anticipation from both the military and public alike.

Navy Wings took to Twitter saying "'Navy Wings’ Sea Fury T.20 made a precautionary forced landing in a field next to RNAS Yeovilton following a problem with the engine on a routine training flight this afternoon. The cause is under investigation and both the CAA and Air Accident Investigation Branch have been informed. No further information is available at this time."

Both crew members are safe with the organisation stating "Although both pilots walked out of the aircraft, after medical checks in Yeovil District Hospital, one of them has been detained in hospital overnight for further observation. The other pilot has been discharged."

The cause of the incident is naturally, under investigation, which will report in due course. The same aircraft suffered an engine failure whilst displaying at the 2014 RNAS Culdrose Air Day, where it's Pilot Lt Cdr Chris Gotke, made a safe and successful emergency landing, with limited damage being caused to the aircraft. For his actions, Lt Cdr Gotke was awarded the Air Force Cross.

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