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Be Aware, Be Very Aware! Airshow Tickets make sure they are genuine!

For years tickets for Sports, music events and shows have been fraudulently sold to unsuspecting buyers. It's become apparent in recent months that the airshow scene is now subject to the same as online sites make it easier for fraudsters to target individuals.

A number of events, including those that are free entry are targeted each year, several through Social Media sites, duplicating the graphics, information and contact details from official pages, but often lacking in specific detail. It's a problem that will continue to grow, with multiple reports made each year to the Social Media Providers. Event organisers do their best to get these sites closed down, however it might just be too late for some, leaving them heavily out of pocket.

If your buying tickets, make sure they come from an official source, normally directly through an event website or through the information contained on it. Several scammers will use official sales sites and ticket providers as part of the scam, so make sure you go through direct links from the event website, not via a search.

Further Advice on Safe buying guidance is below:

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