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Focus Area - Sustainability

Sustainability is a growing area of interest around the globe in all areas of business and industry and its importance in the future of airshows should not be underestimated. Whilst it may be perceived that airshows are the worst contributors in the events industry, aircraft displaying contribute only a small amount of the total emissions, with ground aspects being the greater contributor.  It is however hugely important that we all look at ways to ensure our operations are as green, clean and work to ensure our business is as sustainable as it can be for the future. 


Promote, Encourage and Demonstrate the value and importance of Sustainability in the Airshow Industry.


Through all means possible to promote and encourage all those within the European Airshow industry to focus their operations to include, promote and practice best practice in the area of sustainability. 

  • Reducing our own Carbon Footprint through virtual Board Meetings, using recyclable materials in promotional items, reducing printed items and following best practice from around the globe.

  • Developing best practice guidance taken from the wider aviation and events industry, including it within the EAC Airshow Manual.

  • Featuring Sustainability within our annual conventions and promoting its consideration, development and established practices within the community.

  • Inclusion within our Code of Ethics as a commitment to sustainability for members.

  • Continuing to follow advances in technology, processes and developments in sustainability provide signposting and information for members. 

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